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PHAGE Corporation supports manufacturers, payers, and policy makers pursuing value based care by leveraging Real World Data.

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Value is a dynamic agreement that needs to bring everyone to the table. PHAGE Corporation is saving a seat for the patient and helping them have a voice. Check out our road map in the above pipeline link.

Healthcare is a business supported by revenue as much as it is a service to patients.

Health outcomes should involve aligning values to patients first that then supports the revenue of the business of healthcare. Outcomes is a catch all for changes in health as a result from specific healthcare investments or interventions. Changes of health is a goal easily achieved. Through leveraging real world evidence and supporting therapeutic access and policy reform we have decided to aim to orient health outcomes for the ultimate benefit of the patient.

Real World Evidence is the bridge that better advocates for patient health and we have developed the tools to build more of those bridges in a constantly evolving world.

In short Real World Evidence are the insights achieved from seeing how treatments and therapeutics work in the real world. These insights could be highlighting a policy decision restricting access to treatments in general or measuring the efficacy and safety of treatments on the market. Healthcare is complicated but patient goals are simple. If treatments work patients want access. If it doesn't work we don't need to be wasting resources and most importantly the patience of patients. If that sounds like a mission you could get behind and want to be part of a fast growing team check out our current openings.

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