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How does it work?

Patients and caregivers come to the app to learn how to navigate a diagnosis and treatments through our disease specific modules.
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6) Filters for user educational preference

7) Geographic linked resources

8) Transparent treatment options

9) Curated content specific to stage and indication

10) Linkage to healthcare providers

11) Warnings and safety information

How is this better than what is already out there?

Have you ever googled to try to find out more about a health issue and how to navigate use of insurance (or lack thereof)? Through the Personalized Health Academy of Guided Education patients and caregivers can get the support they need to achieve their health outcomes.

Where geography plays a larger role is when treatment decisions incorporate having to physically travel to a new location. For example there are a number of innovative personalized therapies that are available in a handful of locations across the United States. If you have the luxury of being able to travel to receive care how do you prioritize where to physically go to get care? By reputation? By cost? By how much hotels cost in the surrounding area? Or with the knowledge of knowing how patients have fared with similar journeys like yours?

What do we do with all of that data?

Well first and foremost we secure it! No health or patient information is shared with any organization without the complete consent and oversight of our users. We pride ourselves in patient centricity and at no point do we intend to jeopardize that trust.
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The Personalized Health Academy of Guided Education is an ambitious project starting off as an application to give support to patients directly today. From there we are building in person events and education series to better support patients and their caretakers. And then finally we are on track to be a global player in shaping the education of future healthcare providers, the ways treatments are produced and brought to market, and how we intend to measure the performance of those treatments through the lens of being patients first.