Personalized Health Academy of Guided Education

"Why do you think your values would work in a culture you don't understand?" - PRISONERS of GEOGRAPHY pg 52

Regional awareness     Didactic driven
patient centric

Patient Centric

We design solutions to meet patient and caregiver needs first. Then we work backwards to identify which social determinant of health to impact.
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Regionally Specific

After identifying needs we then focus on regional and cultural influences that would impact the solution and adjust accordingly.

Educational Focus

With a regional awareness we then tailor the education and content to be responsive to the health literacy and goals of our users.

Outcome Driven

By curating pedagogies we conduct a thorough outcome analysis to ensure our solutions are meeting more than surrogate endpoints.

Modular Design

With clear outcomes our solutions work end to end to allow multiple entry points to impact the right outcome at the right place at the right time.

How does it work?

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When do we become useful?


When you want to understand what drives health outcomes.


When you want to impact health outcomes.

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